1. Are you Wholesalers or Retail Shop Owners?

Biznet Tradelink is a wholesale company dealing in Textile, Apparels, Raw Materials, Handbags and Imitation Jewellery. We supply purely in Business to Business (B2B) way and do not break that rule with direct retail supply.

We own on-going operations of cotton block print salwar kameez, cotton kurtis and hand bags manufacturing along with multiple tie-ups and business association with other manufacturers. On this website our aim is to provide all our stocks and catalogs of various products directly to the re-sellers and boutiques without any Distributors or Paid Agents. More information on our Company Registration and Location can be found on – “About” page.

Our main interest is to cater our re-sellers and maintain their sales track. We help and facilitate our clients with competitive products, professional customer support and information technology support services for online sales & marketing in textile and apparel industry. On receiving retail inquires from open market, we forward them to our re-sellers.


2. How to order on this website?

For detailed answer with Info-graphics, you may visit How to Order page, else read the below given answer:

To order our products/catalogs, you will need to visit Shop Page and complete online order process. Our website features an “Add to Cart” button using which you can add desired products to the online shopping cart and process the order. Once the order has been processed, you will receive a legal invoice for your order in your email. Once you have received the invoice, you may proceed to make the payment. Biznet Tradelink provides 3 different modes of payment:


  1. Direct Cash Deposit:
  • You can visit a Bank of Baroda branch in your area to deposit the amount directly into the Biznet Tradelink’s bank account.
  • If you have enabled online banking facility, you can perform NEFT/RTGS transfer of funds into company’s bank account to process the payment.


  1. Cheque Payment:
  • You can deposit a cheque into the company’s account by visiting the nearest Bank of Baroda branch.
  • You can send a payment cheque in the favour of Biznet Tradelink to our office address.


  • In cheque payments, orders are processed after cheque is realized in the account and amount is received.
  • Post dated cheques are handled accordingly.


  1. Online Payment (Credit Card, Debit Card, and Net Banking):
  • Biznet Tradelink features an integrated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted payment gateway. It lets you enjoy the convenience of processing payments online. Our payment gateway supports Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Internet Banking of major national and international banks. Our payment gateway is 100% secure and PCI DSS compliant.


For step-to-step assistance on order process, click here to download Order Process.pdf file. The file contains info-graphic representation of each step in online order process. This guide will help you complete the order process quickly and easily.


3. Why should we buy from you? Isn’t it better to contact a local Distributor or Wholesaler?

Biznet Tradelink is a contemporary wholesale e-commerce company which believes in innovative business ideas. We differ from conventional wholesale businesses in many aspects:

  • Conventional business methods incorporate multiple supply chains such as:Factory -> Distributors/Wholesalers -> Agents/Franchisee -> Resellers -> Customer.
  • In Biznet Tradelink business channel, there are only 2 entities supplying the stock. Factory Houses -> Biznet Tradelink.
  • In addition to that, we also own manufacturing activities in Cotton Block Print Salwar Kameez & Cotton Kurtis for Ladies, which we supply directly online – B2B.

Conventional business seldom provides post-sales support while we actively communicate with our clients for Post-Sales Support, Technical Assistance, and Customer Service. Biznet Tradelink directly supplies the factory stock to Retail Outlets, Boutique Owners, and Home Based Business Entrepreneurs.


4. What are the shipping charges for Bulk Orders? How can I calculate the shipment bill?

Once you click on “Add to Cart” button on any product, it can be viewed on your Cart. After you done with product selection, click on “View Cart” option. On your “Shopping Cart Page, you need to select your shipping country and you can calculate the shipping amount based on your order weight. There are two mode of shipping available

  • Indian Road Transport (Applicable for Indian Clients)
  • Courier Service

What is Indian Road Transport (To Pay) mode?

If you select “Indian Transport” – you need to pay shipping charges to the shipping company while picking up your parcel as it is “To Pay” service. This is the most economical way of shipping for re-sellers. In this mode, you will not get Home Delivery of your stocks, the ordered parcel shall be dropped to the near by ware house of transport company near by your office/residential area. Transport companies such as VRL Logistics / ARC Ltd / NAVATA / Jaipur Golden will charge you approx Rs.350/- to Rs.400/- for 0kg to 40kg shipment. That means you can buy 40kg of parcel for just Rs.400/- of Shipping Charge.

How Courier Service shipping mode works?

On selecting “Courier Services” as your shipping mode, our online system will calculate the shipping charges based on your order weight and location and “Shopping Cart” page will show the exact courier charges and adds in your total billing of the order as it’s paid service. We are affiliated with leading courier brands like FedEx, DTDC, Shree Nandan Couriers…etc.


5. What is the shipping timeline for every order?

After placing your order on the site, it may take 7 to 10 business days to have the inventory delivered to your place.


6. Why shipping takes this much long? Why next day delivery is not possible?

Though we deal in wholesale stocks, we firmly believe in ensuring quality of each and every order before shipping. When a client places an order online, we acknowledge the order. Then, we send the concerned products to our Quality Check (QC) team. Our QC team carefully and thoroughly reviews every piece for any defects. If we find any defective pieces, we return those pieces to the factory and receive a replacement. After a thorough QC process, we send the products for packaging and shipping. The entire process generally takes 2-3 business days and ensures that shipments we deliver are free of defects. After that we complete the packaging and ship to the carriers such as Courier Services or Road Transport companies – according to customer selection of “Mode of Shipping” on Shopping Cart Page.


7. Do you provide “Cash on Delivery (COD) service for Wholesale Orders?

We do not provide Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option due to following reasons:

  1. Biznet Tradelink deals in bulk wholesale orders. Due to large amounts, COD operations become complex and lengthy.
  2. For Cash on Delivery, courier companies charge an additional 7-10% of the total order amount, ultimately increasing the shipment price and operational cost.
  3. For wholesaler and resellers, in case of bulk deals, it is particularly impractical to increase average pricing of products to reimburse against the additional cost of Cash on Delivery.

8. What is the legal authenticity of my transaction? How can I be ensured on my Fund Transfer / Order Payment?

Once you place the order on this website, you will get an order number on “Order Confirmation Page” at the end of the transaction. Parallel to that, an Order Invoice will be mailed to the email address mentioned on “Checkout Page”. This invoice will contain Biznet Tradelink bank details and complete order details along with order number and shipping address. This advance invoice sent to your mailbox is a legal proof for the clients for their transaction and you can feel secure to transfer the funds via Bank or Credit/Debit Cards with complete legal security. Besides that you can also ensure Biznet Tradelink Company Registration Details on About Us page to confirm actual presence of the company. Our warehouse address is mentioned on Contact Us page for clients to contact us in person in case of any issues or concerns.