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Purple Shravi: South Cotton Kurtis Catalog Wholesale Supply

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South Cotton stocks are considered as “The Evergreen” at the current time. The reason is such stocks can be circulated in retail or wholesale without the barrier of seasons. Unlike south cotton, if you have purchased wholesale stocks of designer sarees for your boutique business, you can sell it maximum during the festival seasons. Similarly, if you are investing in Pashmina suits and catalogs, the winter season can be an option.

In case of south cotton kurtas, it can be sold as regular wear or formal wear office kurtis during all the seasons. Especially customers are preferring South Cotton because of its thickness as compared to normal cotton fabric available in the market. Thus, South Cotton Kurtis are good as Winter Collections, the best to sell during Summers and Monsoon and customer response can be constant to its stock lots.

Team Biznet is ready with its “Brand New” collection: Purple-Shravi South Cotton Kurtis Catalog. This catalog is made up of heavy south cotton fabric and cotton embroidery on the neck part. The kurtis are ideal as “Formal Wear” or “Office Wear” for working women. That means if your apparel business or boutique has customers preferring daily office wear kurtas, this can be the best kurti catalog for you to purchase. If you’re dealing with Metro or Mega City customer, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai or Kolkata, you can deal in this stock flawlessly.

Please check all the details of this bulk stock and download or view full catalog images using the links below. Feel free to connect with our sales team for any questions or knowing more about available stocks for your business:


Purple-Shravi (8 pcs)

Price – Rs.2,960/- (For 9 pcs)


Description: (WhatsApp – +919712822932)

Name: Purple Shavi South Cotton Kurtis
Units: 08 pieces – Kurtis
MOQ: Full Catalog – Wholesale Orders
Fabric: Heavy South Cotton
Inner: N/A
Size: L (38″) | XL (40″) | XXL (44″)
Length: 43″ to 44″
Style: Formal Wear | Office Wear
Shipping: 5 to 7 Business Days

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